JAAMTER: Jurnal Audit, Akuntansi, Manajemen Terintegrasi is an academic publication that contains scientific articles in certain fields. The following is a brief description of this journals :

  • Audit Journal: a journal that focuses on audit-related topics, including internal audits, external audits, government audits, educator audits, financial audits, and other audits.
  • Accounting Journal: journal that discusses topics related to financial accounting, management accounting, sharia accounting, government accounting. With a focus on research such as financial reporting, performance measurement, and analysis of financial statements, and others.
  • Management Journal: a journal that focuses on management-related topics, such as human resource management, operations management, marketing management, financial management, and others.
  • Islamic integration: refers to efforts to combine or unite Islamic religious principles and values with various aspects of daily life, including cultural, political, economic, social, and educational. The aim is to create harmony between religious beliefs and modern life and ensure that Islamic principles are respected and applied in various contexts.