• This journal publishes original articles on the latest issues and trends occurring in Islamic Law and Islamic Economics with the aim of advancing our knowledge of the theory and practice of Islamic Law and Islamic Economics.

    Fields of study in this journal include:

    • Islamic Criminal Law
    • Islamic Economic Law
    • Islamic Constitutional Law
    • Islamic Law and Gender
    • Islamic Law and Society
    • Islamic Law and Politics
    • Islamic Economics
    • Islamic Accounting
    • Islamic Management
    • Auditing
    • Information Systems
    • Islamic Education

    In addition, the journal regularly contains a Comments and Critique section which provides a forum for expressing different viewpoints and commenting and clarifying topics in published papers.

    The Editorial Board of the Journal invites any manuscripts dealing with relevant Islamic law and Islamic economics topics that use an established and recognized scientific approach and are also impactful or generalizable to national and international populations. Quantitative research reports using sophisticated research designs and qualitative research reports strictly following naturalistic research methods are preferred. All manuscripts must provide a thorough review of the literature defining the research problem or issues faced as well as a thorough conclusion addressing the implications and limitations of the research or arguments.